Farhan Ali Waris 2014 – New Album – Review

Added By on October 25, 2014

Video watch online latest review of Syed Farhan Ali (Ali Waris) volume 18 album 2014-15 new.
Views of Allama Karamat Abbas Haidery, Urooj Asif (Famous Tv Host), Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan and Ustad Ghulam Abbas
Title Kalam: The Story of Karbala (Karbala ki Kahani).
Syed Farhan Ali Rizvi (Syed Shujat Hussain Rizvi) 2015-14 upcoming album coming this muharram 1436h will be released by Thar Production.
Farhan Ali Waris 2015 full and complete nohay album will be available soon only on Zemify.com.

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